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Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19th, 2014

Hello Everyone!

We have been having an exciting first two weeks of summer! Despite the rain holding up some activities, we have been making lots of fun memories! I hope to continue to post pictures of all our fun adventures through the summer!

During the first week of vacation, the library hosted a transportation petting zoo where the children were able to look at the different vehicle that serve the Grand Haven area.

We have also worked on our Father's Day mugs! Coloring white mugs with sharpies and then baking them was so much fun! They turned out AMAZING TOO!!

We also created our own mini beaches!

 Today, we created a movie theater in the rec room! There was a concession stand for the kids to get snacks from and we watched Happy Feet 2 on bean bags!

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  1. I love these pics, so cute! Thanks for doing a great job with the school age class, Miss Courtney!