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Friday, January 16, 2015

Half-Day Fun!


The school agers had a great few days of fun at Joyful Noise! The kids enjoyed making crafts with yarn and other recyclable materials (like these Christmas card sampler bookmarks) and playing in the snow. Miss Bev taught the kids how to make cute "snow babies" (check out the picture of the tree below) and everyone was very pleased to get outside and play for a while on the "snow mountain". 

We are also happy to report that our schoolagers have been talking about how much they enjoy eating lunch and snack at Joyful Noise on snowdays and half-days. We love seeing their gap-toothed grins for family style meals and we treasure the special moments that we get to spend with them during school closings and holidays!

In case you are curious about what's on the table at Joyful Noise, please bookmark our menu! Also make sure to check our calendar for JN events as well as GHAPS school closing information.

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