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Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 2015 Newsletter


                                                                                               August 2015

Dear Parents,                                                    

It’s hard to believe we are just a month away from the start of school. It seems as though summer is flying by.

In our school age classroom we are looking forward to more exciting field trips and outings this month. We have a trip to the Grand Haven 9 coming up this week and walking field trips to the Imagination Station, Dairy treat, Fortino’s and the train park.

We have rescheduled our trip to Pottawatomie Park for next week Tuesday. We will have a picnic lunch there and time at the playground.

Our students have also been enjoying fun water days. We ask that you please keep a swim suit, towel, and a spare set of clothes in their backpack for unexpected water days.

Our calendar for August is posted on the website and on the bulletin board in the hallway by the coat hooks. Please know that sometimes our daily activities may change due to weather, transportation, or unplanned scheduling conflicts. We will try to let you know ahead of time of any changes or update to our daily schedule.

Another quick reminder is to make sure your child has sneakers and a water bottle for long walks and outdoor play activities. Thanks for your help and support for our classroom adventures.

Ms. Bev & Ms. Amanda

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