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Monday, June 18, 2018

A Hiking We Will Go!

We're going on a bear hunt...gonna catch a big one...just kidding, there are no bears in Duncan Woods! At least we hope not 😆 We spent this hot day exploring the cool, dark forest, shaded by tall pines and ancient trees. It was so much fun! We found all sorts of interesting things- pine cones, leaves, twigs, mushrooms growing on trees, etc.

Did you know that Duncan Woods is 40 acres in size, and its formal name is Duncan Memorial Park?! Named after attorney and former owner, Robert Duncan (who also served as Grand Haven's mayor in 1868), it has belonged to the city of Grand Haven since 1913, when his widow, Martha, donated it. There is so much history here in this park! It's a great place to hike and connect with nature- if you haven't explored it with your family before, you really should!

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