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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pottawatomie and the Grand Haven State Park!

Boy, have we been busy the past few days! Last week Friday, we ventured out to Pottawatomie Park in GH Township, and yesterday (Monday) we got to visit the Grand Haven State Park! What a blast!

Pottawatomie Park is located off of Comstock, and offers a large playground, picnic pavilions, open space to run around, hiking trails, volleyball courts, and Pottawatomie Bayou (where you can kayak, canoe, fish, etc.)! This has always been one of our favorite parks to visit, as there is so much to do and lots of area to release our energy :) We explored the playground and finished up with a picnic lunch before heading off on the Harbor Transit back to Joyful Noise. 

Yesterday, we were so excited to be able to visit the beach at the Grand Haven State Park, where we played on the playground equipment, dipped our toes in the COLD water 😆, and built sand castles! After, we enjoyed another picnic lunch before traveling back to school. The weather was gorgeous, and we had so much fun, especially in the sand!

Stay tuned for more adventures later this week....

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